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Custom, Individualized Training

Imagine Drafting Patterns.png

Why get a Coach?

If you are a drafter or designer looking for guidance

while learning the Chief Architect Design Software,

then you are in the right place.

Our one-on-one custom online or in-person coaching program will lead you through the learning curve that comes with such a complex and capable program. 



Imagine Drafting Patterns.png

Expert Experience

John started using the Chief Architect consumer product, 3D Home Architect, for his own construction business in 1996 and moved to using Chief Architect Premier in 2008. He has been enjoying coaching others in the use of Chief since 2016, and tries to cater the training to his client's learning style. 


It's amazing how learning the program in an individual coaching session can increase your understanding of Chief and expand your productivity level beyond what you thought you were capable of. 


Online Packages

Ready to set up an online coaching session?
We have an option for everyone.

5 and 10 hour packages may be used as you need it in 15 minute increments.

1 Hour

5 Hours

10 Hours

For pricing and to find out which package fits your needs best,

call John at 218-252-0689.

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